DID YOU KNOW … when converting existing fluorescent fixtures to LED bulbs, in most circumstances, the fixture does not have to be removed and replaced?
DID YOU KNOW … older recessed lights can be updated with new LED sealed trims? No more flys or dust bunnies in your recessed light trims.
DID YOU KNOW … replacing your existing switches with motion activated switches that automatically shut lights off when motion is not detected for a period of time, will provide energy savings?
DID YOU KNOW … adding timers to your outdoor dusk to dawn lights, will save on energy if they are set to go off at 2 am until dawn?

Some frequently encountered problems that we’ve had calls on:

DID YOU KNOW … if you don’t have any power in your bathroom and you check your panel for a tripped breaker and see everything is okay, you may have a tripped GFI in another room, in your garage, or at an outdoor plug. Reset each of the GFI plugs and your bathroom power may be restored in working order.
DID YOU KNOW … quite often, when you have lost power in 1/2 of your house, that you will want to call the power company first. They will check their equipment out at no charge to you. If it is their equipment, then you will have saved a service call from us.
DID YOU KNOW … you want to have smoke detectors in every bedroom and a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the house?
DID YOU KNOW … you want to have ground fault plugs in bathrooms and kitchens?


Rick & Cheri Anderson

Thank you so much for fixing our switches and installing our two bath fans. As usual, Austin did a fine job on everything. 

It is a pleasure to have someone who is so conscientous about their work in our home. Again, thank you!

Diane Clore

Always our "go to" for electrical work! Jake is a great guy to have in our home for trouble shooting! Thank you!

Mike and Pam Greaves

Thank you, we absolutely love the brightness from the lights. Tell the guys they did an awesome job!

Mike and Kim Spalla, The Sunroom Factory

ADAMS ELECTRIC …. A 5 star company!!
We’ve been working with Scott, Kelli and the crews on our projects since 2003. Their integrity, workmanship and customer service are above and beyond… Our customers speak highly of them and enjoy their sense of humor and singing. 😊 Our installer’s welcome the day the electricians come!! We’re so thankful we have the opportunity to work with Adams Electric… you will too!

Hiepson & Peggy Nguyen

Dear Scott, thank you so much - sincerely - for all of your hard work on our cabin project! We know it was a 'bit' of a challenge and we're so happy with the results! We'll watch for you at the Camp!

Kelly Ward

Thank you for a great job your crew did on the breaker box and the mini split. It's so nice and clean and new. I'm relieved to know the electrical is safe. As far as the outlets go, I will probably deal with those next year. I'm so sorry for the bee stings your employee had gotten, hope he is okay. Thank you again for all your hard work.

John Zois, Sr.

They did a fantastic job. Looks great, as well as functional. You folks are my best service provider and are remarkable!!! The wiring is straight, stapled perfectly, electrical box keepers are modern and just absolutely over and above my expectations. Communication is second to none from everyone.